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15 gallon electric still

15 gallon electric still It is available in 40 and 52 gallon sizes to meet your family’s needs! 50 Gallon Electric Hot Water Bath 30 Gallon Electric Oil Jacketed 1 $52,590 $45,670 $44,580 x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x $3,410 $3,740 $4,620 $1,940 x x x 1 $5,020 $3,780 $3,230 1 $5,450 $5,450 $5,450 4 Bubble cap trays with dephlegmator Drop in Gin Basket Mirror Finish On All **Requires hot oil heater or 15 80 Gallon Electric Water Heater Options. 00 If you replace the truck, the new one takes only 15 gallons for a total of 23 gallons. Shipping Weight 262. The two most common choices are electric or gas. I use it on a 5 gallon clawhammer pot still. Some areas such as where the tubing joins copper sheet are welded with a clean and lead-free silver solder. This is a great setup when only starting with homebrewing. Product Width 24 in. We have been making moonshine stills for generations. Again, all these barrels are in stock Burner is included, 60,000 BTUs, For use with LP Fuel only. 2 gallon of shine pick a 10 gallon size. stills are copper pot stills and can be used to make traditional types of Heating the Boiler Now that you've got a real still, better give some consideration as to how the boiler will be heated. They are designed for installation under a counter, in a crawl space or in other tight spaces. The Cajun Classic jambalaya pot includes pot hooks to be used with the GL10443D 15-gallon aluminum pot lid, and the GL10443-15 GL611 15-gallon pot stand. Lot #81 Item: 8d62-2821780. Barrel. 5 and 0. Note that these 15-gallon kegs can be stacked with the 10-gallon kegs. Reviews of the 5 Best Electric Brewing System, Plus the 1 to Avoid: You’ve started out small, with just a kettle and the stovetop. All lead free soldier making it food safe. 10 Gallon Electric Still. We make this 20 gallon heavy copper moonshine still to order. 1/2 BBL Kegs Stainless Steel 15. All connections are sanitary tri-clamps so this system can probably be set up as CIP (clean-in-place) if you installed spray balls. . 10 Gallon Electric Still *Freight charges are additional, and are determined by weight, destination and mode of transport. Call . Discover how electric water heaters work to determine if this solution is right for you. Left and right arrows move across top level links and expand / close menus in sub levels. Its tall profile gives this heater a smaller footprint and allows for easy installation when tank diameter is a factor. All new 15. 13 Gallon Still with 3" Copper & Stainless Reflux Column with 5500 Watt Controller. gas - heat exchanger - dsi 90073 g9-ext 6 gal. This unit provides long draws of hot water without consuming large amounts of energy. 4. com also has 30 gallon stainless steel wine drums available with a 2″ ferrule on the side of the drum. COVID UPDATE**** Due to covid 19 compliance restrictions we have reduced our work force and are working on shipping out orders as soon as fast as we can. 5" Tri-Clamp. 15° Cone Bottom ACE Tank - 5 Yr. 0 gal. sold out. CAPACITY 10 Gallon Still 3 gallon thumper 3 gallon worm SPECS All components made with 20 oz/22 gauge copper 11. 56 $ 185 . If you wait too long to seal the still’s seams, the metal will burn both your fingers and the dough. So you need to The durable poly hopper of this vertical mount all-purpose spreader holds up to 15 gal of free-flowing material such as salt, seed, feed, and fertilizer to handle all of your landscaping needs. 15. Commercial Electric Water Heater, 12000W – $$$$$ Westinghouse 100 Gal. 00 The Essential Oil Company. Add to cart Show Details. Additionally, its twin structure allows preparation The Richmond® Essential®; 30-Gallon Electric Water Heater comes with a 6-Year Limited Warranty Warranty and provides ample hot water for households with 2 people. The Unibräu Pro electric all-in-one brewing system makes amazing craft beer all in a single fermenter. Lifetime 5500-Watt Electric Water Heater with Durable 316 l Stainless Steel Tank – $$$ Reliance 75 Gallon 606 Series Water Heater – Gas – $ Choose 10 gallon vessels to brew 5 - 7 gal batches. Build a Still (8 Gallon and 13 Gallon) 4" pot still with 2" shotgun condenser!!! This unit is matched to a 26 gallon boiler. This tube helps utilize the pilot flame, maintaining water temperature rather than losing this heat energy. (15) $25 - $100 (14) $100 - $275 Reliance Water Heater Co. These beautiful copper stills are hand built with lead free materials, solid Small Bottles. $374. +Price Rockworth RW1820F 20-Gallon Factory Reconditioned Portable Electric Shop Air Compressor +Price Steele Products SP-CE415M 15 Gallon Air Compressor with Wheel Kit +Price TEKTON 4625 25-Foot by 1/4-Inch Recoil Air Hose; About ^Sale Now Air Compressor 3 Gallon, 100 PSI Oilless Pancake ^Sale Now Ampro A2570 5 Piece Air Coupler Set Brass 30 Gal RIMS System This system is just the right size. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! Buy DeWalt Heavy Duty 200 PSI 15 Gallon 120V Electric Compressor at Walmart. This 100 gallon Pro Series Vodka Still comes Standard with: 100 Gallon Operating Capacity 304SS Stainless Steel Boiler Don't think 10-15 gallon pots r over kill indoors. As of writing, the average cost of gas in the US is $2. This is a complete kit which includes the The Original LYNE MASTER 15 Gallon Still with Dual Adjustable Lyne arms, proofing parrot, and Vacuum relief valve $1,599. Adding Electric to a copper moonshine still is an option and NOT mandatory. — The system of filtering is back panel-based powered by a pump. For people that may want to do the occasional batch or low to moderate strength beer for parties and such, a 15-16 gallon pot will let you do that 20 Gallon Cap Logic Heavy Copper Moonshine Still For Sale This Is Our Best Selling Moonshine Still. versus 10-15 years as is common for The government will pay you to buy a new one. Reliance 40 gal. BIG RED 112907499 at $60. 3-gallon tank and a max range of 443 miles. Out of stock. 00 call I've never had an electric heater but when switching out my 12-15yr old 40 gal gas for a new 40 gal gas I noticed a difference in my gas bill and the recovery was tons faster. From here on out, we are offering our products with extended shipping. Our collection of electric tank-type water heaters is a great display of our commitment to offering the perfect balance of value, performance and features for every lifestyle and budget. It is only available as an in-store pick up or local delivery (minimum total order may apply). 5 gallon brewing system comes complete and can easily brew 5, 6, 10 and 12 gallon batches. LED Lights. Excludes items 7287162 and 7287618. Out of stock. 15 Gallon Mash Tun with Side Outlet. com for a freight quote. com. Available in popular 40, 50 and 80 gallon capacities. 250 gallon propane tank, with new gage, has regulator,approx. If you have it on a 15-amp breaker, the start-up draw will cause it to trip on you more often than not. Includes four 3/8" compression fittings and 2 pieces of copper tubing to connect the still to the thumper and then the thumper to the worm. It can be used as a reflux or a pot still. 95. Our 15 Gallon Still Features the same quality as our smaller models. 1. People with no experience with electric brewing systems often assume that the heating element in direct contact with the wort results in a greater degree of carmelization or even scorching of the wort. No transfers. 8 CFM @ 90 PSI, 16. 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 55 Gallon) from $259. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. $319. Trailer Options: ST235 80/R16 10 Ply Radial Tires. gas/electric - dsi 96163 gch6a-10e 6 gal. O. com for a freight quote. Not to mention the humidity can be unbearable. It can accommodate 60 gallons of compressed air which allows for longer run times of air tools such as ratchets, impacts, spray guns, hammers, and many more. What does my still come with? The KegLand Digiboil is an 8 gallon electric boiling pot with precise digital control. This unit comes as a COMPLETE KIT which includes the POT, THUMPER and WORM. if you want to make 1 gallon of shine pick a 6 gallon size. 15 gal. 000 7. 99. Kitchen Trash Cans : Find the perfect trash can for your kitchen in our wide selection. Electric Still Mighty Mini Kit with a 3 Gallon premium milk can, 2″diameter and 20″ tall tower. Compatible with reflux and pot still (DS130 & DS120)* External Dimensions: 29" H x 19. p. Gas Water Heaters Learn some of the pros and cons of each fuel source, and find out about newer, more efficient types of water heaters that could save you However, certain features had brought dissatisfaction to buyers too, but this just had a little result on their overall review of the Rockworth RW1503TP 3-Gallon Factory Reconditioned Trim Finish Electric Air Compressor. $325 cash or best offer, paint is faded and could use a coat of paint 11 gallon Portable Air Tank. $4,550. On average, only about 15% of the 11L X 15 12 Ply Implement Tires w/Valve Stem Protector . 000 5. The Large dome vapor chamber top increases surface area to increase fractional distilling and helps catch and funnel the steam into the large column. We have it perfected! This still is capable of producing over 4 gallons of shine per run. I'm thinking of getting a 10 gal kettle from Spike with a tri-clamp added to the back so I can add an element, starting out with a 1650 element running through a 120/15 circuit that I can upgrade once I can afford to buy a John Voelcker July 7, 2010 Comment Now! More than a year ago, we wrote an article pointing out the flaws in the U. 5 Gallon for 5 Gallon Batches and 6. 80 gallon electric hot water heater is common in larger homes in Palm Beach County. 75" Height is 20. Ideal A. Add to cart Show Details. 19022-400 Installation Guide. 6K Axle Package 6-Bolt. Let us drill all of the holes, and put together a kit that you can assemble in an hour or so. 00 10"C4PL 10" COPPER 4 PLATE COLUMN $21,275. Pro Tip: Even though electric heaters have a higher energy factor than gas-powered models, electricity costs three times as much as natural gas in the US. We specialize in the manufacturing and production of these 15 gallon all copper MOONSHINE STILLS which are handcrafted to perfection. I had a 2 gallon, 3 gallon and 5 gallon pot. 10 Gallon WIDE MOUTH Thumper - DEPOSIT You can buy a 2-gallon still a four-gallon still a 6 gallon still an 8 gallon still a 10-gallon still 12 gallons still a 14 gallons fill a 15 gallon still a 20-gallon still a 25-gallon still a 30 gallon still a 35 gallon still a 40-gallon still a 45-gallon still and a 50-gallon still all from the comfort of your own home. This 15 Gallon Mash Tun with Side Outlet comes with: False bottom. The Worm is a 30 gallon Copper Worm that is 16″ x 34″ Tall with a Half inch Coil and IN/OUT Hose Connections. OOS or Seasonal, Join Waiting List Free Shipping. 30 Gallon Turn Key Electric Still. $61. Never heat a still with out liquid in it. 5 inches Distance Across the Handles = 17 inches Height of Base Unit = 29. ) COPPER sheets,water soluble flux, lead-free brass fittings and as always. It can be mounted in a wide range of different positions for optimum convenience. DOT As you get to know your still, you will learn to adjust your water/heat ratios to find the sweet spot. A typical run lasts for a couple of hours and should produce 1 gallon of your preferred spirit. Do not purchase if you upgraded the piping as we only stock 3/8" connectors. Maybe you eventually moved on to a propane burner along with an appropriate kettle, and started to operate your homebrew operation on the outside – this reduces the smell in the house and provides for a This 15 Gallon Brew Kettle with Thermowell, Tangential Inlet comes with: (1) Welded in thermowell with 1/2" NPT fitting (1) rear mount thermometer; Tangential inlet; Dish bottom (2) 3/4" Ball valves (4) 1. According to the National Electric Code heating circuits are considered a continuous load and therefore must be derated by 25%. 750 1. gas/electric - heat exchanger - dsi 96121 g6a-8e 6 gal. 00 Add to cart; TDN – 15 Gallon Copper Moonshine/Liquor Still – Complete $ 500. O. 2020 was a crazy year. practice of measuring a car's gasoline use with the familiar miles-per-gallon Bubba's Barrels specializes in brewing hardware, 20 to 110 gallon brew kettles, and 55 and 110 gallon stainless drums and brewing supplies. VACUUM relief valve installed on the head to prevent still implosion (collapsing) 5 gallon thumper with 3" custom stainless lid with triclamp and gasket. See full list on homedepot. Custom Temperature gauge on Pot, Cap vapor line, and Thumper vapor line. Homebrew Keg. 528 0. 8 Gallon Still with 2 Inch Stainless Dual Purpose Tower Deluxe Kit that includes 110V Controller 2000 watt element heat source and Starter Kit fermentation bucket and supplies to get you Shop 304 stainless steel boilers, electric distillery heaters, premium kettles, beer kegs, boiler adapters, and heating elements for distilling moonshine. . 99 $ 1,899. This is indeed a great addition to your collection of DIY tools. The T500 Still by Still Spirits™ is a high quality, stainless steel electric counter top distillation unit with a 23L capacity. Here is the time from turning on the hot plate to producing with a ujsm ferment of slightly less than 5 gal syphoned off the fermenter. The polybutene design makes the tank impervious to corrosion, and eliminates the need for an anode rod (preventing sulphur odors). Smith ProLine® Electric Tank. 00 lb. 00. Anything bigger, we recommend you looking into purchasing a 220v Electric Element. It has 1" of non-CFC foam insulation covering the sides and top of the tank, reducing heat loss, resulting in less energy consumption, improved operation efficiencies and jacket Research and shop for Groen Eclipse Electric Tilt Skillet, 15 Gallon - Voltage: 208 Phase: Single from Direct Supply – the leading provider of Senior Living solutions. 4500 Electric Water Heater - Case Of: 1 Sears has electric water heaters to keep still spirits turbo 500 electric boiler 120v 5 gallons (just add a column) $ 229. 25 inches Total Height = 33 inches Spigot Height from Base = 7 inches Shipping Reviews of the 4 Best 50 Gallon Electric Water Heaters, Plus 1 to Avoid: Imagine living a life without one of the greatest luxuries: the miracle of modern invention, which runs throughout the home, hot running water. Available online only from 3/17-4/7. 9 liters) moonshine still measures 25 x 30 x 13” (63. Over the anticipated 15-year life span of a vehicle, the electricity required to run a battery-powered electric car can be as much as $14,480 cheaper than fueling up an internal combustion vehicle Small species of snakes can be in 15 gallon tanks, including Rosy boas, sand boas and rubber boas. It’s a much better deal to replace the truck, even though the MPG gain seemed less impressive. This still is GUARANTEED to last. Save 31%. ALL of our units are completely water tested and Electric 5 Gallon 10 Gallon 15 Gallon 20 Gallon 1 BBL 2 Vessel Pilot Systems 20 Gallon System 1BBL System. We would have had to replace the 30 MPG car with one that gets 80 MPG to achieve the same 23 gallon result. 000 6. Your first gallon or so (The Front) should test out to about 160 – 165 proof. Brew Kettle. The T500 stands 51 inches high from the bottom of the base to the top of the circulating water hose at the very top Get the best deals for 20 gallon copper moonshine still at eBay. 2mm Vengeance stills Moonshine stills are made with 100% Copper and lead free silver solder. 15 Gallon Moonshine Still - Complete Unit + Electric Component. 124 0. sprayer - $75 (cherryvale) Selling Fimco 15 gal. The 5 gallon (18. 5 Gallon All Grain Brewing System. Our small, 2. Top 15 Gallon Copper Moonshine Still W/Flavormaker Thump Keg and Condensing Can $795. Start in your fermentor, finish in your fermentor. 99 The Original LYNE MASTER 6 Gallon (23 Liter) Still with 2 Gallon Worm and Adjustable Lyne arm $649. 67 out of 5 $ 484. It is available in 40 and 52 gallon sizes to meet your family’s needs! Find even a 26-year-old model from 1989, and you'd still have one of the most fuel-efficient gas-powered vehicles on the road at a combined 47 miles per gallon. 9 gal. $15. It features all the same quality. 15 Gallon Ball Lock Keg Specifications. 13 Gallon Still with 3" Copper & Stainless State SEV & SEH Large Volume Electric commercial water heaters. 6 Year Electric Point-of-Use Electric Water Heater. If you’re running a 20 gallon batch it should run about a gallon an hour. All vegging to be done in a 6 inch pot then transplanted into a 10-15 gallon pot for flower. 15 Gal, 200 Psi Workshop Compressor. of ground beef or make up to 12 gallons of soup at once! Its high efficiency heating system is designed for even heat distribution, and boasts a heating element that covers the entire pan bottom for fast heat-up and recovery times. Bradford White designs, engineers & builds water heating, space heating, combination heating and storage solutions for residential, commercial, & industrial applications. O. It is the finest moonshine still that money can buy. 5-Gallon (ES2. com Slsy 8 Gallon Moonshine Still Water Alcohol Distiller, 30 Liters DIY Whiskey Still Stainless Steel Spirits Boiler with Copper Tube, Home Brew Wine Making Kits with Thumper Keg 4. Its tall profile gives this heater a smaller footprint and allows for easy installation when tank diameter is a factor. 75 kw - 8 kw 120 volt -220 volt Single Phase or 3 Phase 50 HZ or 60 HZ - 45 RPM The Westinghouse Electric Residential Water Heater is highly efficient with stainless steel construction to save you money and last a lifetime. An 80 US gal (300 l; 67 imp gal) electric storage tank water heater was able to have a minimum energy factor of 86 % under the pre-2015 standard, while under the 2015 standard, the minimum energy factor for an 80-gallon electric storage tank water heater is now 197 %, which is only possible with heat pump technology. 15 gal 2 KW 277 Volts POU State Patriot Electric Commercial Water Heater Product Disclaimer: We cannot ship this item. Never been used still have wiring components in original bag and also have owner's manual. 99. 10. When these water heaters fail, you will find that finding a replacement 80 gallon water heater is almost impossible. 15 Gallon Moonshine Still. 99. Have your homemade flour paste ready, and you can easily seal the seams with it when the temperature reaches approximately 100 degrees Fahrenheit. O. 00. 5 - 3 gallon batches. "I replaced the thermostat in my Tiny Titan water heater. I think traditional bikes are awesome frankly and I still own one for silent, light weight cruising. If you have placed an order be rest assured your order will Vengeance stills Moonshine stills are made with 100% Copper and lead free silver solder. Our 15 Gallon Copper Moonshine Still is a hand made still of 16oz sheet copper. For added safety, the vacuum includes embossed polyester filter bags which are 95% efficient at 3. 60 shipping. As soon as I turn the unit on it shuts off after being on for just a You can still receive delivery on qualifying items for a fee. Made using heavy gauge copper and lead free solder, our units are built to last. 5″ bottom port with drain valve, clamp, and gasket. This stainless steel still for sale comes with: 2-inch tri-clover fitting with clamp and cap located near the bottom of the boiler for adding an electric heating element. Fermentation is a breeze in 5-gallon buckets and the heat-up time is easily accomplished. com in March of 2012. 65 Gallon 2. It’s heated by an electric element and has a parrot incorporated into the design for easy monitoring of real time % abv with an hydrometer. This is also typical of 30 gallons with two heating elements. Connects easily to vehicle's electric source. 07 per mile. 99 This premium kettle is a no-compromise brew pot packed with standard features. Like most things in life, each selection has its' own merits and demerits. The width of the Still including the condenser is 15' 4". Each unit is listed with the actual alcohol production rates on the page that describes the still in more detail. 15 HP Silent Air Compressor, 1 Phase, 120 Gallon Tank, Radiator, Vertical, Industrial Plus PPV15V120V13 $ 7,500. Please call (800)729-5912 or email info@essentialoil. 00 Converting 15% of the chemical energy in a gallon of gasoline to electrical kWh at 100% efficiency is disingenuous because doing so in reality is impossible. Husky 10 Gallon Air Compressor L210VWD is a must-have if you have a long list of DIY projects. 99 The ANVIL Foundry™ is the most versatile all-in-one brewing system available at 6. Electric All Grain Brewing Systems; Anvil Brew Equipment; 15 Gallon Copper Still . no longer need tank went all electric in house. 949. A. You’ll love the features built into the hardware and software. i have a 15 gallon still. A 3" column with an 8 gallon kettle requires one Still Heater TM. Moonshine Still 2 inch w 15 gallon electric $ 1,035. gas/electric - dsi - exothermal 90068 geh9-ext 6 gal. In fact, this is a handcrafted moonshine still, which results in a product that is built to perfection. (2) 1. Comes with lid of your choice (please s. This compressor is perfect for powering a dual-action sander or a random orbit sander, or fastening using impact wrenches and ratchet wrenches, or powering grinders, cut-off tools, and 15. DOT 3/8 Safety Chains. 25" H x 15. On lower settings 3-4 showers were not an issue. SEAMLESS, ALL WELDED 304 Stainless Steel 13 gallon milk can. This will fit with our copper reflux moonshine stills. Distilling Starter Kit $ 115. Country/Region of Manufacture. 6-on 40. BrewBuilt 15 Gallon Electric Brewing Kettle. 7 Gallon Copper Moonshine Still $430. 1. Plus you will still get the power you need to heat with electricity. When you think of an Appalachian still this is what you are thinking of. 4 gallons of shine pick a 20 gallon size. This boomless sprayer sets the industry standard for small scale liquid application. . 4 CFM at 90 PSI, with an efficient, high-pressure technology that allows for longer tool runtime and increased pump/motor life. 000 θ(radians) 0. (1) 3/4" ball valve. Crossover Step to Lid. In fact, it is small enough to fit inside an RV. $ 1,699. 96 STCAP STANDARDCAP HEAD $10,200. 5-gallon units are This 240 Volt/4500 Watt, 30 gallon electric water heater is 46-11/16 inches high and 20 inches wide. Stationary Electric Air Compressor has a large capacity. All of our units are water tested and have ZERO leaks. Electric heating is much more manageable than trying to distill with homemade moonshine This is "BELLA" she is the cream of the crop in a 15 gallon still. 5 Gallon Whiskey Still + Free Shipping. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers These kegs can be stacked and have enough room for the ball lock fittings to still be attached. Regular price $1,000. Universal hitch fits any tractor regardless of brand. 15 Gallon Copper Distiller With Glass Es 15 Gallon Copper (Propane/Electric 240V) Distiller With Glass Essencier *Freight charges are additional, and are determined by weight, destination and mode of transport. The biggest advantage to using electric to heat a still is that one is able to very precisely control the temperature. The Copper still is able to work with the electric element installed. per minute high-flo 12V pump; 96 in. 5/10ths of my wort went into the 5 gallon pot, 3/10 went into the 3 gallon pot, and 2/10ths went into the 2 gallon pot. Not currently for sale. We have copied a tried and true still from the 1800's that works with ease. 95 There’s some fancy chemistry that helps convert and binds this devil to the still itself, preventing it from ProLine® XE Electric Water Heaters Built with the highest quality of components and elements, our ProLine® XE electric water heaters deliver an industry-leading combination of design and innovation to provide hot water. The Lever Grip Handgun distributes up to 25 feet of horizontal spray, 15 feet of vertical spray and comes with 15 feet of 3/8 inch hose. i have a dedicated 100amp service that i pulled for mine. Made 100% with hand tools. Leopard geckos, turtles, and/or pacman frogs can NOT be kept in a 15 gallon, so it's good you've scratched those off the list. Electric Brakes - 8 Bolt. Free Shipping. Free Shipping. 99 Select options; 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Still (Pot Still, 3″) The 110v Electric Element for an Electric Moonshine Still This Electric Element and Controller is recommended for the 2 Gallon Copper Still to the 10 Gallon Copper Still. 00 Add to cart; TDN – 10 Gallon Electric Moonshine Still – Complete $ 699. 50 Gallon - 2000 gallon Steam or Bain Marie (make sure to add your Controller) Columns 8"-18" - 304 ss optional Copper . A 3" column with a 15 gallon kettle may require 2 Still Heaters TM to bring it to a boil and then cut to one Still Heater TM during distillation. Quite simply, an anvil is a tool guaranteed to do a job well - durable, reliable and capable of producing precisely what you need, with a simple, straightforward design that doesn't sacrifice expectations of quality. This is our 110v electric heating element, brought to you by American Copper Works. We need anywhere between 3 months and 1 year to finish your unit. 25KW 15 Amp EF3. O. $70. The DEWALT®, D55168, heavy duty 15 Gallon, 200 PSI wheeled compressor is an oil-free compressor that delivers 5. 15 gal (28) Items (28) 8 gal (16) Items (16) StillZ 20 Gallon Electric Moonshine Still Copper Still 20 oz. 25KW 15 Amp EF3. The Pump System for agitation is a 1200 Gallon per Hour Stainless Head and a 1 1/2 Horsepower 115 V Heavy Duty Motor. Just my opinion. 5-4 weeks of veg max. 4 gallon copper worm with 15 feet of coil Get the best deals on Electric Distiller when you shop the largest online 5 gal. Acoustically designed lid assembly minimizes noise. 2" Ball Hitch - 2 5/16" Ball Hitch. The federal government is still offering qualifying electric car buyers a sizeable tax credit that effectively reduces the cost of a new model by $7,500. If you are looking for a high quality distiller that can be used as a reflux or a pot still, and doesnt take up too much room, or just looking for something small, this is a great little distiller. 55 Gallon Electric Boil Kettle made from a stainless steel drum. Required. usedstainlesssteelbarrels. Air tank is ideal for filling tires, sports equipment and other inflation needs $ 41 99. 8-in x 23. O. 0 microns that ensure safe use in hospitals, restaurants 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Boiler. Compare to. Moonshine still is also leak and pressure tested twice during the building process, to GUARANTEE a safe product. gas - dsi 96136 gh6-8e 6 gal. as to the controler. of Energy's methodology. Bottom Top Cap Lyne Arm B(in) 13. . equivalency number can fall to as low as 49 miles to a gallon, but those areas are few and less Appalachian Pot Still Plan – 20 Gallon . 8 gallon Stainless Steel Pot Still 2" - Gas or Electric Heat. Example, a five gallon REVENOOR still holds five gallons of “beer,” a 25 gallon still holds 25 gallons of “beer” etc. ANVIL Foundry™ 6. (1) Rear mount thermometer. Please call (800)729-5912 or email info@essentialoil. 00 Sale price $3,997. 99. 10 cents per kWh, the unit will pay for itself, in energy savings, in 24 months (assuming a 5 day work week). We have 30 gallon stainless steel drums in both closed and open head. 15 Gallon Copper Propane Distiller With Glass Essencier. i use a 5500w element. Electric brewing systems are specifically designed for safely brewing indoors. Assembled Product Size L x W x H 55-in x 24-in x 18-in 55-in x 26-in x 20-in Carton Size 38-in x 16. The 15 gallon vacuum features a patented self-sealing intake that ensures positive vacuum seal while still allowing hose to swivel. "I have an electric water heater that isn't working?" A. 75 inches Lid = 3. I will be designing a Reflux still head for this as well. Our web store www. If you have a large size electric tank (66 or 80 gallon) or 75 gallon gas water heater, some of these are being HoldRite Quick Stand 100-Gallon Electric/Gas Tank 24-in Steel Water Heater Stand Quick Stand water heater stands safely elevate water heaters and other equipment above the floor. 5" W (including handles) Internal Dimensions: 20. 00 15 Gallon Copper(Propane/Electric 240V) Distillery 15 gallon moonshine still boiler keg. Smith's 6-gallon model is designed to last. The A. 15 Gallon Fermentation Starter Kit, shipping included. Build a high-performance 1 Bbl. 9. 15 Gallon Moonshine Liquor Still - Complete Unit 2020 was a crazy year. 6-in x 15. 5" Tri clamps and gaskets (2) 1. The aquarium should include a sandy bottom, caves, and rocks. Our compact design with top water connections is ideally suited for installations in garages, workshops and under sinks. Built with lead-free, silver solder and 20 gauge (oz. Quick View. More research shows the question is complex and messy. can heat 13 gallons to boil in an hour. Dewalt Single Stage Portable Electric Vertical Air Compressor Oil Free Maintenance free pump 200 PSI Max Tank Item is still in the box Factory Sealed . From here on out, we are offering our products with extended shipping. Still Spirits Air Still Turbo Distiller Electric 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Still (Dual Purpose, 3″) Rated 4. Vintage Oil Drum, as is. These are the calculation results. Electric Distillation Control Boxes. However, you still have a tremendous amount of steam generated when boiling that typically condenses on the walls and ceiling, possibly even resulting in surface damage. 2 out of 5 stars 147 $185. A peaceful and shy cichlid compared to other African cichlids, the electric yellow still displays distinct social and territorial behaviors. Good news — You can still get free 2-day shipping, free pickup, & more. It is constructed for heavy use and will last a lifetime. 3 gallons of shine pick a 15 gallon size. 5" to 1/2" Hose barbs; Actual capacity 16. 54. Though Nonstick when seasoned, hand wash Cajun Classic The Richmond® Essential®; 50-Gallon Electric Water Heater comes with a 6-Year Limited Warranty Warranty and provides ample hot water for households with 3-4 people. 20. The best electric tankless heaters, meanwhile, have an energy factor of 0. This Lot is: Closed Mon, Jan 25, 2021 7:38pm CST. The size still you decide to buy is based off of how much shine you want to make. 00. “Let’s compare that to its fuel-efficient sibling, the 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan. g. 000 6. Your efforts and artistry pay off in pure liquid pleasure every time. 00 T he ultimate ELECTRIC still base in home distilling the T500 is a must for anyone who wants to produce large quantities of extremely clean pure alcohol. Q. 15 Gallon Copper Still. Electric Heating Electric immersion heaters are readily available for hot water […] A. 15 gallon vessels to brew 5 - 10 gallons of beer. 5) boasts an especially compact design. Electric water heaters are most commonly used where gas service is unavailable locally or where topography or other factors dictate that The "burning" question for electric cars is how to compare them with gasoline. All stills should be boiled with vinegar before use to clean them out. Smith ProLine® family of electric water heaters offers a wide range of innovative solutions for your unique lifestyle needs. The report estimates that if, by 2050, EVs account for 100 percent of new sales and about 65 percent of cars on the road, health- and climate-related costs will drop by $21 billion, to $15. Cast iron cookware makes for superior heat retention and even heating of foods. Use 2-wire cable with ground (Romex I had three working burners with small, medium, and extra medium power output (it was electric, so no high power!). 3 View Product It will still be able to raise the water temperature by 24 ℉. Use it to preheat your strike water or sparge water to a precise temperature. With the 15 gallon Cleveland SET-15 countertop electric tilt skillet, you can cook up to 30 lb. Smart Rheem 80 Gallon Hybrid Electric Water Heaters feature integrated Wi-Fi connectivity for important mobile alerts, like Water Leak Detection for potential added savings. We are sure you will find hot water solution to enjoy for years to come. Hybrid Two Sizes Available: 10. In case you still want to know more details on this product, so read the testimonials of those who previously used it. This spreader has a sealed 12V motor and an adjustable shut-off feed gate so you control how much material is used. Commercial 15 Gallon Essential Oil still. This system will come mostly assembled for shipping purposes with very little assembly required. A Copper Still is a tool for survival and is not a toy. gas/electric - pilot gc6aa-10e 6 gal. 75" W *Distilling: to use the DigiBoil with a distilling condenser, you will need to purchase the still top lid (DS127 - coming soon!). – This 15 Gallon container is equipped with an effective led light of 7500K. Polished to a medium luster, it has ports for a thermometer, return, and drain valve. 000 15. (Electric kits. It has 1" of non-CFC foam insulation covering the sides and top of the tank, reducing heat loss, resulting in less energy consumption, improved operation efficiencies and This 240 Volt/4500 Watt, 50 gallon electric water heater is 47 3/16 inches high and 20 inches wide. D SANKEY Tap. This unit provides long draws of hot water without consuming large amounts of energy. 5 Dimensions Tank Diameter = 12. Polished to a medium luster, it has ports for a thermometer, return, and drain valve. The almighty 5-gallon whiskey still will make all your distilling wishes come true. 5K 15" Topwind Jack. The smartest, quietest and most efficient hybrid water heater on earth features a heat pump design making it 4x more efficient than standard electric water heaters. GULF OIL CAN 15 GALLON. Pair it with a pump and heat exchanger to use Blichmann Boilermaker G2 Brew Kettle (7. Fimco 15 gal. 5" to 1/2" hose barbs. Last month I wrote about [how wrong the EPA's 99mpg number for the Nissan Leaf](/nissan-leaf-epa-rating-99mpg-sadly-lie) was, and I gave the 37mpg number you get from the Dept. Heaters also feature a single heating element and This Cajun Classic pot is a seasoned jambalaya pot with a diameter of 22 inches and a height of 13 inches. A. Some larger sized tanks may be discontinued. The state gasoline price above is either the statewide average retail price or a multi-state regional average price reported by EIA. 5 hours with your machine in operation. 000 T(in) 10. Our Stills are made with lead free soldier to make them food safe. not sure. In areas where a lot of coal is still burned to make electricity, the electric vehicle m. The Atwood GCH10A-4E 94023 features a patented 'through-tube' combustion chamber. More info Add to cart. QTY. 25 Gallon Electric Still. 25 gallons; Diameter is 15. For a water heater to work, you need the following: 1) Water in the tank; 2) Electric power to your heater; 3) Thermostats that work; 4) Elements that work. Hardware Connection Kit. Rheem Marathon 40 Gallon Electric Water Heater (3kw/240V) Rheem Marathon 40 gallon electric water heater with exclusive lifetime tank warranty. 5 inches tall, approximately 21 inches at the Inner Diameter on the top, and the base is about 24 inches in diameter. Moonshine Still Co. 5 Gallon for 2. 99. 55 Professional Ultra Hybrid Electric Water Heater, 10 Yr (240v) If it sits without the bracket and could get tipped over, which is easier to do than one might think, then this could destroy the appliance. Custom Consoles Tips on Buying High Efficiency Electric Hot Water Heaters. This Still is great for producing: Whiskey, Bourbon, Moonshine, Brandy, Rum and Gin (with the optional Gin Basket) and Vodka. 96 PRODUCT YEILD PER RUN: 50 GALLON: 100 GALLON: 250 GALLON: NGS 185-190 PROOF/vodka 3-5 Gallon depending on your wash 8 - 10 Gallons 20 gallon island still: 30 gallon island still: 30 gallon version is $1900. It is now only $189. $799. I will be re-using the control panel and pumps, so am only looking to sell the 3 x Choosing a New Appliance: Electric vs. Plus, it's a great value with a 10-year warranty and 1 The gallon size of the still is the cooker capacity. The Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater Tronic 3000 T 2. Perfect for rural areas, well applications, and areas with very hard water. 034) copper sheet. 79 16" DIAH ALL COPPER DIAMOND SHAPE HEAD 200-500 Gallon Kettles $16,988. We have 30 gallon stainless steel drums in with 2 inch and 3/4 inch opening on the lid. 15 Gallon Copper (Propane/Electric 240V) Distiller With Glass Essencier *Freight charges are additional, and are determined by weight, destination and mode of transport. 8 gal. Copper ELECTRIC! Perfect for a Micro Distillery. Distilleries are use this same still for pilot stills and for small batches. 1-in Husky 60 gal. rubber hose Pot Still. Fimco 55 Gal Sprayer 10' Boom - $750 (Waller,Tx) Fimco 55 Gal Sprayer 10' Boom like new brand new pump needs nothing ready to go $750. Total Capacity: 15. 5 gallons it is perfect for 2. Hand-crafted by our men. If you opt for the 7-gallon size, you’ll need a 20-amp breaker to support the water heater. 50 Gallon Boiler $ 2,259. The DigiBoil is a versatile electric kettle that can be used as a standalone unit or integrated into your current brew system to serve a variety of functions. 99 What is a Conical Column Whiskey Still and Why is it a Premium Design? July 09, 2015 One of the most unique and efficient copper still designs is the “Kentucky” premium design - an 8 gallon moonshine still with a conical column that increases the “reflux” that occurs during your distillation. Please call (800)729-5912 for a freight quote. AO Smith EJCS-20 - 19 Gallon ProLine Compact Residential Electric Water Heater - The ProLine compact residential electric water heaters feature compact design and side-mounted plumbing and electrical connections (optional top-mounted connections). 5 Gallon All-In-One Electric Brewing System w/ Pump $374. By Veronica Penney Jan. 56 This item 5 Gallon Copper Moonshine Whiskey & Brandy Still with Worm & Thumper, 1/2 OD Tubing between Still & Thumper, 3/8 OD Tubing between Thumper & Worm by North Georgia Still Company Brewer's Elite Hydrometer - for Home Brew Beer, Wine, Mead and Kombucha - Deluxe Triple Scale Set, Hardcase and Cloth - Specific Gravity ABV Tester 20 Gallon Electric Home Brewing System - 240v - BIAB 1 Gallon Still Kit Solder Flux Package $45. gas/electric The Cleveland TMKEL-100-T 100 gallon tilting electric 2/3 steam jacketed twin mixer kettle quickly heats, churns, and stirs large batches of batters, mashed potatoes, and sauces to a smooth consistency! This model features a mixer with infinitely variable mixing speeds, letting you stir its contents to make processed meats for vacuum-sealing. 95. Kenmore — trusted in the homes of more than 100 million Americans. of 3/8 in. Buy a V20 Vacuum, Get a Battery Free 2. A similar design to the one above this pot still uses tri clamps for quicker assembly and disassembly. Easily brew 5-gallon extract batches. The only item not This small capacity still is constructed of copper and is a great way for getting started distilling your own water, essential oils or ethanol fuel. Quick View. This still looks great wherever it is placed. (15) $500 – $1000 (9 lightweight electric water heater. 5 x 76. SOLD 5 Gallon Electric HERMS system $750 shipped in the lower 48 $650 for local pickup I built this rig inspired by Kal and thelectricbrewery. Our 15 Gallon Stainless Steel Electric Brew Kettle is a heavy duty 18 gauge kettle with a single-ply bottom, built specifically for value-minded customers looking for the most dependable and well-made kettle on the market without the financial commitment of so-called higher-end products. The most efficient plug-free hybrid gets 53 miles per gallon and 50 mpg combined, which means either the hybrids have to get more efficient or automakers have to find electric alternatives. The 2020 Tiguan has a 15. A 4" column with a 15-gallon kettle may require 2 or 3 Still Heaters TM, depending on additional factors. This 100 gallon Still is 14' 7" tall. Includes 10 foot power cord & plug. 165 0. fuse protected wire harness; 15 ft. Select Options. It also comes with a high-heat temperature gauge. 3 gal. 2-6 months worth of vegging is over kill. Perfect for brewing, distilling, sous vide cooking, and more. 5-3 Gallon Batches. We custom make this 10 gallon copper still. $799. The size of the heating element, the temperature setting and the flow rate of the water are all factors in determining how fast a 55 The rules, first proposed last year, would require new cars and trucks to average 54. Professional Installation is available in most areas! Please call 1-800-549-7853. Use it to preheat your strike water or sparge water to a precise temperature. I put this together 4 years ago but have never used due a work relocation. 20 Gallon Still w/Tri-Clamp Cap + 3 Gallon Worm + 3 Gallon Thumper with 3" Fruit Port. You'd just be looking in an 30-50 gallon nongalvanized electric water heater tanks: . Discover how electric water heaters work to determine if this solution is right for you. 17 per gallon. 1. 00. This Cajun Classic jambalaya stand fits our 15-gallon Jambalaya pot. 5” diameter X 36” tall Tri Clamp Cap (6" Diameter) 1/2” ball valve drain built into the pot 1-1/8” OD (1" ID) lyne arm and thumper input 7/8" OD (3/4" ID) thumper output tapers to 1/2" OD (3/8" ID) worm coil As you begin a run, your still’s seams will tighten as the metal naturally expands with the heat. the still has a flat bottom and perfect surface contact to the hotplate. A decent conclusion to make is that a 10 gallon pot is still completely viable for just about any 5 gallon batch and frankly, that's about the smallest kettle you'd want to boil 7 gallons in anyway. or Best BrewBuilt 10 Gallon Electric Brewing Kettle. 99 gallons to the bottom of the collar. If you already have one of our towers make sure to let us know what size you own so that we can make sure the ferrule is the appropriate size. Learn More The anvil is an essential, iconic component of industry that spans centuries and cultures. 7 billion. 80 gallons of gas remaining. Adjustable Clevis Hitch. 3 Gallon Copper Moonshine Still w See full list on homedepot. As well as looking the part, it has been sealed to perfection. Free Shipping on Everything* at Overstock - Your Online Kitchen Storage Store! 10 Gallon Still Our 10 gallon still is a nice size for a little more serious person. Easy sanitation without chemical sanitizers. Made of heavy duty copper with brass fittings. 00. 99. That’s around $0. 95 There’s some fancy chemistry that helps convert and binds this devil to the still itself, preventing it from Electric 5 Gallon 10 Gallon 15 Gallon 20 Gallon 1 BBL 2 Vessel Pilot Systems 20 While a three tier system is still the most versatile and 15 gal. The DigiBoil is a versatile electric kettle that can be used as a standalone unit or integrated into your current brew system to serve a variety of functions. The electric yellow will act aggressively towards fish of similar body shape and color perceived to be competition for food and mates. 2 " Electric ports added to any unit for conversion to 110 or 220 power sources. 10 Year 16,500-Watt Electric Water Heater with Durable 316 l Stainless Steel Tank – $$ Rheem Ruud 80 gal. – The filter media used is a foam-based filter that features a deal with in addition to biography max activated charcoal or carbon. $280. This 10 gallon still is the highest quality still you will find. Still head with 4" copper ferrule. 00 Add to cart The 15 gallon Thumper is 13 x 26″ Tall with a Drain and 4 inch Stainless Ferrule Cap Logic System. TECHNICAL SPECS & DOWNLOADS. sprayer. com. Easily brew 5-gallon extract batches. 00. com 26 Gallon Stainless Steel Pot Still 4" - Gas or Electric Heat. 15 gallon COPPER MOONSHINE STILL. 00. Sound rating (dB) 86 dB Volume 60 gallon CA Residents Warning - Prop 65 Info The still is made with a 15 gallon stainless steel Heavy Duty boiler for long life with an additional gallon of vapor space in the domed top. $999. The DigiBoil electric kettle can serve a surprisingly wide range of functions. 15, by at least 4 miles per gallon. sold out. This still holds a full 10 gallons in the boiler. $2,250. It is not made from cheap flimsy roofing grade cooper that a lot of manufacturers use in their products. This is our flagship product, sold around the world for almost 30 years. Starting at 55 deg F, you can raise the temperature of 15 gallons to 170 in 35 minutes. This rating measures How Fast Should a 55 Gallon Water Heater Run Out of Hot Water?. I use my electric glass-top stove to heat my strike and sparge water as well as bring the 4ish gal of wort up to a boil. 00 84% Energy Savings on Start Ups / 40% Energy Savings during Run Cycles – At . Modern moonshine still boilers for the most part use the same electric immersion heaters that are used in residential and light commercial electric water heaters. On another note my moms house is on a well with no softner a 40 gallon supported 5 people when I was growing up. 15 (1) 3/8" x 2" machine bolt the total cash outlay for your wood-burning still project can easily be I was aiming at a 6 Gallon pot for this project and I calculated on that was 5. Does the hot water that you use to bathe, wash the dishes and clothing, the dog, sterilize the jars for pickling, the baby bottles, and relieve nasal congestion, and so much more 50 Gallon Still, 5 Gallon Pot Head with Copper Plate & 6" Clamp. 00) so grab your own machine now. master parot 5 to 80 gallon range = $150: 5 to 80 gallon range master parot = $150 2. ) 120 Volt heaters require 1-Pole circuit breakers; 240 Volt heaters need 2-Pole breakers. contact thru craiglist, tank is in del rio, texas i can load tank. 409. biggest thing is making sure you have sufficient power. They are available most commonly rated 110 & 220 volt and come in various watt ratings. Gas 5 Gallon 10 Gallon 15 Gallon 20 Gallon 1 BBL. new ebike and left gas at $2 per gallon an average electric bike gets ~20 miles per Reliance 6 6 SOMS K 6 Gallon Compact Electric Water Heater By reliance 9. 55 Professional Ultra Hybrid Electric Water Heater, 10 Yr (240v) PROUH65-T2-RU375-15 65 Gallon 2. (For example: a 20 Amp heating circuit cannot have more than 16 Amps of load connected. 00. You could easily burn your house down with using an open flame, so why would you not want to purchase a submerged electric heating element for your copper still. 5" Steel Gauge is 1. 4 CFM @ 40 PSI Horsepower (hp) 5 Maximum pressure (PSI) 165 PSI Speed (max) 1368 RPM Phase 1 Product Height 69 in. 3. Pair it with a pump and heat exchanger to use it for HERMS brewing. 5 Gallon Whiskey Still + Free Shipping. Its optimum size and efficiency make it by far our most For example: If a 50 gallon tank won’t fit, a 40 gallon tank with an added mixing valve may produce the hot water you need. 250 3. The Kenmore 32676 40-gallon electric water heater has a glass-lined electric water heater to help prevent corrosion, Lineguard™ elements that resist lime buildup and foam insulation to prevent heat loss. BrewBuilt 22 Gallon Electric Brewing Kettle. The Atwood RV water heater 94023 (also known as the GCH10A-4E) is a 10-gallon water heater that can operate on both gas and electric. Princeton, MN . More info For a smaller unit, check out this 3-gallon stainless steel milk can still. i built my own. 000 13. 2 x 33 cm). We need anywhere between 3 months and 1 year to finish your unit. there are a few schematics on this site to help you build one. 99 Brewhaus' 15 gallon kettle is made from 304L grade stainless steel and is made to be used with a moonshine still. It's perfect for 5-gallon extract batches, preheating strike or sparge water, and with the addition of a still top lid and condenser, it can be used for home distilling. 067 The site navigation utilizes arrow, enter, escape, and space bar key commands. So you should expect to spend about 3 to 3. Repeat your recipes with ease. 5 Gal. We pulled through but refuse to let it happen again. DeWalt terms of sale. Product Length 36 in. High Bidder 20 gallon blue mountain still = $1475. I liked it so much, I just built a larger one. Warranty. This brewing system is all stainless steel except for the garden hose pump connections that are lead free brass because these aren't available in stainless steel. S. Built with lead free materials, solid copper rivets and 20 gauge (. The Cajun Classic stand measures 20. 8 Gallon Dual Purpose Electric Still Kit Please note: This still has a build lead time and will ship between 25-35 business days from the date ordered. I also use a controller to eliminate the on/off cycles of the broilking, although it will work. These water heaters are available with a gallon range of 150 to 10,000 and a power input range of 15 kW to 3,000 kW. 50. Slightly larger than systems previously sold and it still includes all the features you expect from BrewMagic. Universal hitch fits any tractor regardless of brand. Brilliant 10 Gallon FlameFlow Technology Copper Moonshine Still $ 620. Regular price $ 1,224 54 $ 1,224. Connects easily to vehicle's electric source. Still, the upfront cost of an electric vehicle continues to be a barrier for many would-be owners. We pulled through but refuse to let it happen again. The Westinghouse Electric Residential Water Heater is highly efficient with stainless steel construction to save you money and last a lifetime. $513. 00 Add to cart; Brilliant 6 Gallon FlameFlow – Technology Copper Moonshine Still $ 500. Vintage 1900's National 5 Gallon Oil Can - Beautiful Shape. Smith ProLine® family of electric water heaters offers a wide range of innovative solutions for your unique lifestyle needs. 20 gallon blue mountain still = $1475: 20 gallon blue mountain still = $1475: Most gas tankless models that you see on the market have their energy factor between 0. 1/2" Ball valve drain on Pot and thumper. Optional Recirculation Pump Kit - $99. gas - dsi - exothermal 90071 ge9-ext 6 gal. Engineered and lab tested to meet Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) and International Plumbing Code (IPC) requirements. Regular price $4,500. 00 in local store (original price is $190. Our controller is designed to work with our 5 and 10 gallon copper moonshine still kits as well as our 8 gallon stainless steel stills. system with 55 gallon Boilermakers, two elements per vessel and the Wort Hog EBC-350. Made of 304 stainless steel, it features 1500 watts of total power, selectable with both a 1000 watt and 500 watt switch. 20 The eGallon price is calculated using the most recently available state by state residential electricity prices. Fortunately our team has the experience to do that. and so on. It gives beginners and experienced all grain brewers controlled, repeatable results for brewing any beer style. To fill from empty, the 2020 Tiguan costs a bit over $33. 20 gal. The WINCO 19022-400 fuel system includes 15 gallon EPA approved steel fuel tank, primer bulb, fuel cap with gauge, carbon canister, fuel line, connectors, and brackets. Westinghouse 80 Gal. 5 miles per gallon in combined city and highway driving by 2025. 2 Gallons; Maximum Operating Pressure: 130 psi; Height: 24-5/8" 96117 gc6aa-8 6 gal. The 15 Gallon Electric Moonshine Still is a moonshine still that is powered by 220v to speed up the still in satisfactory manner. The A. 00. 000 6. The reason for that is the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act of 2015. 3-in x 18. Smith ProLine® Electric Tank. 000 H(in) 9. Plus you will still get the power you need to heat with electricity. They share the same diameter, they just vary in height. It's actually the best way to get huge yields with short veg times. Moonshine still is also leak and pressure tested twice during the building process, to GUARANTEE a safe product. Smith's Signature 6-Gallon Compact 6-Year Limited Warranty Point of Use Electric Water Heater is a good fit for specialized applications and small capacity needs. More fun. Save $10, $15, or $25 on a qualifying $75, $100, or $150 purchase of Scotts, Ortho, Roundup, Tomcat and Miracle-Gro. 50-150 Gallon Kettle $4,329. This is a 20 G Gas-fired brew system with Electric Control box. Still Holds Liquid! Half Pint Gulf Electric Motor 15 Gallon Turn Key Electric Still. 15 gallon electric still